Friday, January 13, 2017

Open Source Software for Car Computer

I would like to know the requirements and the state of the art of computer system for autonomous vehicles. I could think out following aspects of the computer.

1) Computing Power for
- integrating sensor signal and analyzing data from sensors
- image recognition from cameras
- drive-planning considering trip plans and traffic information

2) Communication Capability for
- interacting with the infrastructure of the intelligent road, such as traffic signals.
- collaborating with other cars running at the same time on the way
- interfacing humans and their devices such as phones and smart watches in the car
- getting accident reporting and propagating road information

I would like to know Car Computer is a buzz word already. If it is not, I claim the viral tongue of the word.

Friday, December 30, 2016

NC, No Commercial use

R.M.S seems to have the strong position on free software and copyright doctrine. But the major software developers and content producers are compromizing on the doctrines. I feel R.M.S is loosing the games. Open Source Licence allows commercial uses and Wikimedia allows CC-BY-SA to replace GFDL. Whose horizon is wider I ask. Whose immuning system is more strategic I wonder. In the point of view of Wikimedia, NC is not considered helpful but SA is very crucial for the success to get the sum of knowlege for all human kind. I meditate on NC and SA.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wikimedia Movement in Korea

I am going to travel Hong Kong next week for WIkimania 2013 Hong Kong. I hope I could attend a few chapters congregations. Also I am looking forward meeting WikiTech hackers. This trip is sponsored by Wikimedia Foundation which seeking the broadening of horizons across the country borders. The movement in Korea is still in conception. If the activists in Korea could work hard to complete the persuasion for the officials who will permit the founding an NGO.

But as an engineer I love to attend hacker's meeting. I like to participate the workshop for mobile devices. Maybe I will be a member of the team. Mobile app developers in Korea is pretty prevail. I will seek more opportunities to contribute for the movement.