Friday, January 28, 2011

North Koreans

Yesterday, I met a few missionaries leaving Korea for Ulaanbaatar Mongolia, Yanbian China, Inner Mongolia China. In addition to those missionaries, I met a layman who works for the mission in the North Korea. His parents fleed from North before Korean War. His grandfather was a pastor in Wonsan but killed by communists. I heard in border area of China and North Korea, some of North Korean elites are converted and they are trying to preach the good news to North Korea. We know Christians in North Korea are severely prosecuted even to death. I saw a video clip a woman vowed to mission in North Korea. I thought it's same to the vow of Communists in the voice. She was confident and aggressive. I don't know how God will free the people in the North. The wall is high and the control of the regime is tight. Could she reach to Pyeongyang successfully with her mission. She could stick on her heavenly mission? I don't know. I'm not sure. I want just just weep in a silent place. I want to ask Him in tears. Why? What do you want for this tragedy of contrast, the one of most prosperous countries and the most wretched country in the world. We were all Koreans. They are living where my fore fathers were. They are sisters and brothers shared same blood of mine. I want to ask Him, why?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Arbitration Committee, Supreme Court of Wikipedia

I dare say Arbitration Committee is the supreme court of Wikipedia. In Korean Wikipedia, there is not ArbCom. Now editors are preparing for the court. During several years, I observed the birth of rules and guidances on a virtual community which is wired by Internet. Still they do not need the court desperately. Politics evolved last thousands years. In Wikipedia, I experience a short version of the development. In English Wikipedia there was a founder, but in Korean Wikipedia all editors were just invited. South Korean society was given the democracy by a foreign power. Korean Wikipedians were given the free encyclopedia by a foreign cultural community. I am looking for similarities and differences.