Saturday, November 20, 2004

Zope and Microsoft Word

I was in the Lab at noon. Until I met the pastor Jeong. I experimented some Visual Basics codes which open a new document and paste the translated text in it.

I read that Philip Greenspun's humor collection. PC/Windows seems not to work, and it does not work. UNIX seems not to work, but it works. This humor does not give me a laugh. Microsoft Word works and works very good. If you know some codes to automate you can deploy great features on the Word.

Zope would be a killer web infrastructure and Microsoft Office is a killer desktop application. Zope is for Internet and Word for desktop, both are killers. But their foundation is totally different, it means they do not compete.

I think I have to learn Zope 3 and Office scripts. Come on. I live in two different worlds.

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